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Most residential roofs in the U.S. are steep slope roofing systems. Steep roofs divert rain, snow, and debris away from the home much faster and easier than other roofing systems. At Action Roofing, our roofing contractors have decades of experience maintaining, inspecting, repairing, replacing, and installing steep slope roofing in Billerica, MA. We can help determine if a new steep roof installation suits you. We can also inspect and repair steep roofs expertly and precisely.

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What Is Steep Slope Roofing?

Steep slope roofing has a roof slope of 18 degrees or more. Steep roof slopes are very common for homes and small businesses. The most common types of step roofing are asphalt shingles, metal, slate, wood shakes, natural or synthetic tile shakes, or shingles. Your roofing contractor will help you determine the type of steep roofing material best for your home based on your regional climate, budget, aesthetics, and lifestyle. A roofing contractor can use modified bituminous roofing materials and single-ply membranes in steep slope roofing installations.

Is a Steep Roof a Good Idea for Your Home?

Our roofing contractors can help you determine if a steep roof is a good idea for your home. Steep slope roofs last longer than low slope or flat roofs because they divert water and debris more efficiently, so there is a much lower chance of water, snow, or ice damage and roof leaks. They are also very low-maintenance. The most popular types of steep roofs for residential homes are:

  • Bullnose Hip Roofs – A jerkinhead or bullnose hip roof is a unique type of gable roof. The ends of the gables are clipped to mimic a hip roof, and the peak is streamlined, reducing wind stress and wind damage.
  • Dormer Roofs – A dormer roof is categorized as a dormer that projects out from the rest of the roof. Dormers are added for style and aesthetics, allowing more natural light into the home.
  • Gable Roofs – A gable roof has two sloping sides that connect at the top and form an a-frame.
  • Gambrel Roofs – A gambrel roof has many sections of steep roof slopes, creating maximum available space under the roof and allowing for maximum drainage of snow, water, and ice.
  • Hip Roofs – A hip roof has slopes on all four sides and doesn't have any valleys where snow, ice, leaves, or debris can collect.
  • Mansard Roofs – A mansard roof has steep roof slopes that create maximum storage space under the roof.
  • Shed Roofs – A shed roof slants in one direction to allow water and debris drainage without peaks and eaves.
  • Skillion Roofs – A skillion roof is one flat surface with a steep roof slope and noticeable pitch.
  • Turret Roofs – A turret roof is a small, round, or polygonal tower topped with a conical or hipped roof.

Benefits of Steep Roofing

The high roof slope of steep roofing offers a lot of advantages to homeowners, especially in regions with heavy rain and snowfall. Because the roof slope is so high, it is easier for rain, snow, and other debris to flow off your roof and be diverted away from your home's foundation. Here's a look at the main benefits of installing steep slope roofing:

  • Better water flow
  • Less debris on the roof
  • Extra storage space in the attic
  • Less snow, ice, and water buildup
  • Improved aesthetics and curb appeal
  • Better airflow in and out of the house
  • Lower risk of mold and mildew growth
  • More durable, especially in cold climates
  • Less chance of moisture, humidity, and condensation

Why Choose Action Roofing for Steep Roofs

Our roofing contractors are dedicated to providing honest, reliable roofing services with integrity and transparency. We love working closely with each customer to help them determine the best type of residential roofing for their needs and budget. We have provided professional roofing services to the Massachusetts area since 2000 and take pride in our reputation. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service, expert roofing installation and repairs, and high-quality roofing materials to each and every customer. We also offer emergency roofing repairs and roofing inspections, as well as gutter installation, roof snow removal, and storm damage roof repairs. We can install, repair, inspect, maintain, and replace flat roofs, low slope roofs, steep slope roofs, metal roofs, and shingle roofs.

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