Roof Snow Removal in Billerica, MA

Roof Shoveling Protects Your Home From Built-Up Snow and Ice

When snowfall accumulates on the roof of a home, it can become a danger to the entire structure. As the weight of snow and ice builds up over the winter months, roofs are susceptible to collapsing. Action Roofing offers professional roof snow removal services in Billerica, Massachusetts. Our roof shoveling team will remove the heavy layers of snow from your roof using specially designed tools. Learn more about our roof snow removal services.

Why Is Roof Snow Removal Important?

When you hold a snowball in your hand, it is light and fluffy. However, snow becomes very heavy when it accumulates in one place, such as your home’s roof. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, most roofs can only safely handle 20 pounds per square foot of snow. To put it in context, two or three days of consistent snow can result in up to 60 pounds per square foot on a roof. When this weight exceeds the safety limits, the supporting structures underneath your roof become strained and are capable of caving in or collapsing.

Roof Snow Removal Service in Billerica, MA

When to Arrange for Snow Removal Services

You likely won’t need snow shoveling services every time it snows. If you keep an eye on the accumulation of snow on your roof, you can likely judge the safety on your own. If a layer of snow more than a couple of inches thick accumulates on your home for any extended period of time, it is a good idea to have a professional snow removal team help you clear your roof.

The Benefits of Removing Snow From Your Roof

The main reason that homeowners take advantage of Action Roofing’s professional snow removal services is to prevent collapses and catastrophic damage. However, there are a few other benefits that come from keeping your roof shoveled free of snow. The benefits of snow removal for your roof include:

  • Melt Ice: Ice accumulates underneath a thick layer of snow, insulating the ice from the sun’s rays. When we shovel the snow off your roof, the sun can warm it melting the ice.
  • Protect Your Roof: By removing ice and snow from your roof, your shingle will experience shorter periods of stress, extending the life of your roof.
  • Energy Efficiency: Leaving a blanket of ice on the top of your home can make it more costly to heat.
  • Prevent Sagging: Even if the weight of snow or ice on your roof does not cause it to collapse, it may result in unsightly sagging on your roof. Keeping it clear is the most reliable way to prevent this type of sagging.

Can I Shovel the Snow off My Own Roof?

While shoveling your driveway or sidewalk is a winter chore that many homeowners can manage by themselves, roof shoveling is a whole different matter. Attempts to perform DIY roof snow removal often result in damage to the roof and shingles underneath the snow. This is because most homeowners do not have the roofing expertise or roof shoveling tools that we have at Action Roofing. Our team of GAF-certified contractors knows how to remove the snow from your roof in the safest way possible, ensuring no damage is done to your shingles.

Why Choose Action Roofing

Action Roofing is a team of GAF Master Elite™ Certified contractors performing several different roofing services besides roof snow removal. Whether you need help installing a skylight or replacing the shingles on your roof, our certification tells you that we’re a team with high standards. We believe in our work so much that we offer GAF Golden Pledge Warranties on our roofing, including a 50-year material warranty and a 25-year labor warranty. Learn why we have become Billerica’s favorite roofing team.

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When winter comes, don’t let the fear of roof snow removal costs prevent you from keeping your home safe. Unaddressed snowfall on your home’s roof can be a danger and cost you more in roof repairs in the long run. That is why Action Roofing offers free estimates for our roof snow removal services. We will meet with you, inspect your roof, and give you a free, no-obligation quote for the cost of removing the snow from your roof. Contact us today for your free roof snow removal estimate!

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