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If you’re considering professional reroofing services in Billerica, MA, Action Roofing is the team you can trust. We offer residential reroofing services for home and business owners throughout the area. There are many reasons to consider reroofing a house, including missing shingles and leaks. Our re-roofing contractors can give your old roof new life. We install a wide variety of shingles, and rubber. Learn more about reroofing and get in touch with us to request a quote.

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What is Reroofing?

To find out if your roof requires reroofing, allow The Action Roofing to explain this valuable service. Reroofing involves layering a set of new shingles of your existing roof shingles. Reroofing can only be performed once. Reroofing is a lot faster and more affordable than a complete roof replacement because the new shingles are installed over the old ones without requiring removal.

Reroofing vs. Roof Replacement

When you need a new roof for your home or business, your options are reroofing and a complete roof replacement. Reroofing is usually a more affordable option and can save you money when you need a new roof. Reroofing is not always an option, though. We often hear the question, “how much does re-roofing cost?” but the answer depends on a variety of factors. Our experts would be happy to discuss the cost of reroofing a house with you.

When Is Reroofing a Good Idea?

Reroofing is often an excellent choice when you need a new residential or commercial roof in Billerica. If your roof is getting near the end of its lifespan but is still in relatively good shape, reroofing might be ideal for you. Roofs that have minor issues or leaks can be good candidates for reroofing. If your roof doesn’t have significant water damage, large amounts of moss or mildew, or missing or soggy shingles, you should contact us about reroofing. Reroofing is often recommended if you have to have your entire roof done and not just a portion of it.

What Are Roof Replacements?

When considering reroofing, you also need to know about the option of a roof replacement. Roof replacements involve removing every part of your roof down to the roof deck and then installing new felt paper and shingles. Roof replacements can be performed no matter how many shingle layers are already on your roof. Total roof replacements are often more expensive than re-roofing.

When Is Reroofing Not an Option?

While reroofing can be a fantastic way to get a new roof, it’s not always the right choice. Reroofing does not involve lifting up the existing roof shingles, so you won’t know what condition your roof deck is in. Occasionally there may be sagging or rotting that cannot be seen without looking under the shingles. Sometimes adding a new layer to your roof only covers up an existing issue. Reroofing is not always recommended when only a portion of your roof needs to be done because you will end up with one section of your roof thicker than another. Reroofing cannot be performed if you have already had it done once because you cannot have more than two layers of shingles.

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All roofing services are completed by our GAF Master Elite™ certified and BBB® accredited team. A GAF certification means we've met and exceeded the highest standards of excellence within the industry. We can provide our services with a GAF Golden Pledge warranty, offering the most coverage for your asphalt roof and household. Contact us to learn more today.

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Our roofing contractors specialize in reroofing services and have years of experience in the roofing industry. Our GAF Master Elite certified contractors are your local roofing specialists and provide exceptional service to our customers. Contact us today to schedule reroofing services or request a quote.

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We had a wonderful experience with Action Construction (David Krasny). They completed full roof replacement on our house, including 4 skylights, and put a new roof on our shed. From the initial meeting to final installation, David was a pleasure to work with - knowledgeable, efficient, transparent and a great communicator. His crew worked long hours to ensure that the discussed timeline was met. Even the after-project clean up was excellent. After the work was done, David came out again to do a thorough final inspection. He clearly takes pride in the work Action Construction does. Of note, we considered 4 other companies for this job, and although David's quote was not the lowest, it was very competitive, especially given the quality of work and the overall professionalism. We highly recommend David and his team!

Irina Case