Home Roof Replacement in Billerica, MA

Tips for Preparing a Home for a Roof Replacement

For homeowners, installing a much-needed new roof is often an exciting and satisfying experience. But the process of replacing a roof can also be noisy and hazardous, and there are several things to keep in mind to keep family members, pets, and belongings safe. Here are a few tips for preparing for a roof replacement.

Move Vehicles Far From Construction Areas

Keeping all cars, trucks, and other vehicles far away from a roof replacement construction area is important for two key reasons. First, it reduces the chances of any falling debris or other hazards damaging the vehicles. Second, it gives the roofing team plenty of room for their own vehicles and equipment, and it opens up more space for them to move around. Additionally, homeowners with garages should keep them closed for the duration of the construction to keep them free of debris.

Prepare Children and Pets

The noise and activity of home renovations can be frightening for small children and pets. Talking to children ahead of time about what to expect can help prepare them, and parents might also consider allowing kids to stay elsewhere with relatives or friends during construction. Similarly, pets can also be moved to another location during construction, but remember to keep them safely away from construction areas if they are to stay at home during the replacement.

Clean Up Outside of the House

Just as it’s important to relocate vehicles, it’s also a good idea to move outdoor furniture, ornaments, plants, and other objects to protect them and keep them out of the way of workers. Homeowners should also trim any tree branches that are close enough to present a hazard. In addition, cutting the grass before a roof replacement can also make collecting debris easier when it’s time to clean up later. Additionally, any satellite dishes, antennas, or decorations should be removed from the roof before work begins.

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