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Is a Sagging Roof Worth Repairing?

No one wants to deal with having a sagging roof over their head, but many homeowners struggle with determining whether they should look into repair costs or simply get a new roof installed. Severe damage from the elements can cause the roof to give way and weaken the home's underlying structure. Once the roof starts to sag, it will only get worse and require more expensive repairs. Learn the best way to allocate your home improvement budget toward roof protection.

Signs of a Sagging Roof

It won't always be obvious that a roof is sagging from the outside. Before heavy rainfall or the next nor'easter, you should survey your roof to determine if it can withstand a storm. Water damage is the most common cause of roof deterioration. Look for leaks and water stains to see if moisture is seeping through and causing roof rot.

Broken, cracked, or crumbling shingles are other signs of a deteriorating roof. Inclement weather and prolonged exposure to sunlight can wear shingles down over time. Moisture can also become trapped between the shingles, which can break down the protective layer shielding the house from pests, debris, and water.

Repair Options for Sagging Roofs

When there's sagging or other damage to the roof, there's a chance that the issue can be remedied with comprehensive roof repairs. When you contact a roofing company, some of the repairs they'll perform include the following:

  • Installing braces for reinforcement
  • Replacing the shingles on several sections of the roof
  • Replacing the roof's sheathing

However, it's important to note that none of these are permanent solutions. If there's extensive damage, repairs will only delay the inevitable need to install a new roof.

Get Help From a Reliable Roofing Company

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